Airtel Smartbytes | Airtel Internet Data Usage Checker


Airtel Smartbytes | Airtel Internet Data Usage Checker :- If you’re an Airtel Broadband user and looking to check your Internet data utilization, here’s a really easy way to rapidly locate the Airtel broadband data use for your account. Airtel Smartbytes functions as your internet usage manager and helps you out. It will let you be aware of how much your broadband connection data left in Airtel and you can also easily set up your everyday usage limit. It sends alarms on Data usage and helps you stay in your monthly plan funding.

How Can I Access My Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage?
How Can I Discover How Many GBs Are Abandoned In My Airtel Accounts?
How Can I Check My High-Speed Data Transfer Limit?

It’s possible to just get all the details by visiting this URL without requiring any kind of registration or login into your account. Just visit it with your Airtel broadband connection and click on the Broadband menu, where it will show your broadband internet data usage details. It will also tell you your staying high-speed statistics limit for the month. If you would like to purchase extra information in high speed you may also do this from this URL.

Smartbytes Airtel Broadband Internet Data Usage Checker Monitor Top-Up:

If You Are Currently an Airtel broadband subscriber, Here Airtel Smartbytes Service for you Have you run from high-speed data. Airtel has internet service for subscribers that allow them to top up their data as soon as they have run out. This is called Smartbytes. Bright bytes is an internet portal site where not only you can have a peek at your data use, but it is also possible to secure high-speed data at a much lower cost than that which you’re charged on a monthly basis.

Airtel is one of the significant players in the broadband realm in India. Other than BSNL, just Airtel has landline service as well as broadband services. Frequently these DSL broadband companies come as cheap plans with very limited data usage. It’s a great plan for those who just need to check emails, or for smaller offices that require little data transfer. However, a great deal of data can be consumed by software updates, like Windows updates or antivirus updates, or another form of unintended use.

After the data was used, you may not be provided with access to the internet, or you are billed for extra data. In some plans, your rate could be reduced a lot because you’ve run out of high-speed data. To combat this issue, it is quite vital that you know how much data you have used.

How To Check Data Usage With Airtel Smartbytes?

Checking data utilization is quite easy. Once you are connected to the world wide web, you simply need to visit the page linked below.

If you’re visiting with your airtel broadband connection and you get a compatible browser, then it is possible to observe the data utilization when you visit the Settings menu. There, you can see your plan, just how much data you have bought as a shirt up, just how much data is left and if the data will expire. You will also get to see your DSL amount on the webpage.


How To Top Up Data Using Smartbytes Airtel?

Utilizing the Smart bytes service, it is also possible to purchase additional high-speed data ahead of your billing cycle ends. This choice is current immediately when you log into the Smartbytes page.

To do that, all you need to do is open the Smartbytes webpage and click on upgrade. All you have to do is select a plan and you are good to go. You’ll be billed by the end of the month, or by the end of the billing cycle. Besides a few clicks, you do not need to do anything to access high-speed data.

In case your net speed is still slow, you may want to restart the modem and then log in again to find access to high-speed data. Now, when you log into, you can see that the extra purchased data has already been added to your account.

Simply go to it with your Airtel broadband connection – and click the Broadband menu, where it will present your broadband internet data utilization details. It is going to let you know your staying data limitation for the month. You can achieve this by this URL if you want to acquire advice.

Working With The Airtel Smartbytes Mobile App


  1. in case you have not set up the Airtel Smartbytes program, please get it from Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, tap the program to start.
  3. For first-time users or fresh install, you will be asked to input your Airtel number and also an OTP password  for verification.
  4. Once in, you may immediately understand the summary of your accounts. You need to view the available balance your account has, the remaining days, and lastly the residual data.
  5. To Combine the program if you think that it hasn’t been updated yet, simply swipe anywhere on the monitor. And it’ll fetch new data to give you an updated overview of your account.

Airtel Smartbytes Plans | Additional Data Usage Packs


Airtel Smartbytes provides its customers with many different top-up choices. This will provide all of its customers the freedom to include more and still monitor their budget.

1GB for INR 99/-

2GB for INR 159/-

5GB for INR 299/-

10GB for INR 499/-

20GB for INR 799/-

50GB for INR 1499/-

These top-up choices are excellent especially if you’re on a tight budget but still using the need to get online access on-the-go. Every one these options come at high-speed internet data bandwidth. That means you will still be able to enjoy the same quick internet access wherever you are.

There are two methods to see and get your Airtel Smartbytes account. One is by way of Airtel’s official site, and the other one is via Smartbytes mobile app. The ideal choice is your mobile app. With it, you could always take a peek at just how much data you have in real time.

How To Save Info On Airtel’s Limited Connections?

If you’re using an Airtel plan that provides limited data, you can save on the data utilization by configuring your pc applications and restricting data transfers. Windows 10 PCs have a choice which allows you to set a connection as a metered connection. After you place your Airtel Broadband link as a metered connection, Windows will pause updates and file synchronization to save information.

To update your PC, you can just download monthly offline upgrade packages and install them manually. Most security software companies issue offline updates. Microsoft also provides offline upgrades for PCs. What’s more, if you need to browse the world wide web, you might also use data saving browser extensions or extensions which save information.

These browsers or extensions work by compressing image data and consequently, a whole lot is saved. Additionally, using advertising blockers to block intrusive advertisements save a lot of data too, preventing you from making unnecessary top-ups on Airtel Smartbytes.


Airtel recently introduced an advanced plan that lets you create your own postpaid program based on your need and Airtel is calling it myPlan.

Recharge of Airtel is easily available online and I need to mention a range of those excellent packages are given by business. Airtel is among the largest telecom company in the marketplace.

Airtel has made it feasible for the users to know about the speed at which their online connection is working at by just checking the internet speed test.

The rationale being, alongside the information you get for your month, you also chance to acquire unlimited free calls together with messages. You’ll also find unlimited 4G data at night so you might download some media too. Since you can see above, they will disclose to you the information that is left, data which you’ve used and the number of days left at the current bill cycle. If you are working from data see the above-mentioned selection and include data package according to your requirement. Claiming the free 30GB advice is a three-step route of action.

Final Words:-

The Smartbytes is among Airtel’s attempts to deliver quality consumer experience within their network.

Ironically, there is still a great deal of improvement and work to do, but with sufficient support and user collaboration, Airtel will gradually get the right blend for everyone

Are you a long-time Airtel user? How does the Airtel Smartbytes feature help with your web requirements? If you are able to suggest a few improvements, what would it be? Tell us your ideas and opinions in the comment department, and we’ll surely get the word out to help everybody.